VIR Construction Inc. is a family owned Construction & General Contracting business with over 30 years of experience. They are 5th and 6th generation artisans dating back to the old country. The word VIR is translated in Latin to “a man of”, but it is also the Island of Croatia in the Adriatic sea where the Vucetic family has plied it’s trade for 6 generations. The Vucetic family has thrived for decades in the construction industry through word of mouth and customer referrals, which is truly a testament to their quality of work and customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you and sharing our passion of building and design.


Peter Vucetic spent his childhood tagging along with his father and grandfather helping develop beach homes and villas which are today the foundation of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Peter had bigger dreams and aspirations, and at the age of 16 he brought his talents to the big stage of New York City. He quickly became popular in trade circles as a carpenter with both a 6th sense for minor details and an eye for big picture project management. Peter opened his own business, VIR Builders in 1993. His two sons Ivan and Tom both began working with Peter on weekends & summers while they were still in high school. After they both finished college, they were onboard full time. Both Ivan and Tom had a passion for building that was imbedded in them as children. In 2014 Ivan and Tom following in their father’s footsteps, left VIR Builders to open their own company VIR Construction Inc. and have taken off in dramatic fashion. They’ve built apartments & homes all over the New York City area & the Hamptons. Their client list includes celebrities, politicians & the elites. Peter has closed VIR Builders back in 2016 stepping into retirement, but there a rumors he still tags along with his sons from time to time unable to shake his desire to build.


Brothers Ivan and Tom boast degrees in project management from respected universities. They have studied Green building solutions and are lead paint certified by the EPA. They have knowledge of basic design methods and decorating theories and can help guide clients when picking finishes and layouts. More importantly they have inherited their father’s work ethic and customer relation skills. Both brothers spent their summers in Croatia as children learning how to build homes with their grandfather. They have been bread to perfect every detail and exceed customer expectation. VIR Construction quickly built a reputation of excellence and has become known as one of the premier construction companies in New York City servicing both residential and commercial clients. They’ve recently opened a custom mill work shop located in Jersey City capable of fabricating custom cabinetry and furniture that will compete with anyone.