Advice from an Experienced General Contracting Company on Interior Design for 2020

March 9, 2020

As we enter the new year, our team at VIR Construction has seen a number of fun and dynamic design trends emerging. Some of our most style-conscious clients are embracing the more natural, warm, and personalizing elements of trends hitting the market.

VIR Construction, a general contracting company that brings exciting designs to interiors across the tri-state area, enjoys breaking out new styles with clients. Over the years, we have taken pride in helping countless clients get the interior of their dreams.

Arches Bring a Warm Mediterranean Feel

Warmth and unique features once again dominate interior design trends. One way to add a personalized touch is to incorporate arches.

When combined with light earthy colors, arches call to mind a sun-drenched Italian villa. Others may prefer clean and bright looks for a different interpretation of a modern look, providing an opportunity to express original style.

Built In Seating Saves Room

As housing prices rise in urban areas, many households struggle to make do with less space. 

Building seating into wall or window spaces creates more space for socializing. It also creates fun and unique looking design features that can be used to customize an apartment or house.

Individuality and “Off Trend” Is In Style

After years of trying to conform precisely to style trends, we now see a refreshing rise of off-trend design choices.

If one word describes interior design trends in 2020, it’s quirky. Owners can express themselves through design in a number of ways, including seating of different styles, knick-knacks from family collections or thrift stores, and other ideas. 

Sustainable Materials Are Increasingly Important

With many people expressing increasing concern over the environment, sustainable materials have grown more popular in home design planning. 

Many of our clients have shown that they will pay slightly more money to ensure that materials used in their home have little or no adverse impact on the environment

Rounded, Plush, 70s Inspired Furniture

Another hot trend to watch over the coming year comes from the increasing popularity of 70s inspired looks. 

This does not refer to the sturdy earth-toned floral print couch that almost every household seemed to own at the time either. Looks from this era that have regained popularity include billowy rounded sofas, easy chairs, and love seats offering vibrant colors and retro inspiration.

Using rounded, soft furniture also shows that you consider comfort to be a premium feature in any design vision.

New Angles on Wooden Paneling

Wood paneling has long suffered banishment to the periphery of home design styles. Just like plush and bright colored furniture, this classic style has made its way back to modern design.  

Today’s wood paneling comes with new styles. In some cases, clients want wood paneling to create an accent wall, often with creative design features such as an angled look. 

For more information on how we can bring together a beautiful design vision for your home, reach out to VIR Construction. For over four decades we have helped to create some of the most beautiful home spaces in the city. 

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