3 bathroom remodel ideas for your condo

August 25, 2021

No matter where you live, there are times that you want to freshen up your living space. For instance, condos often have limited space in the bathroom so it can be difficult to navigate a remodel. With help from our team at VIR Construction, we can provide you with some bathroom remodel ideas. Read our guide below to learn more.

Glass shower doors

Anytime you have a small room, it’s ideal to try to maximize the space available. A bathroom will make this even more difficult as you have to account for space for your shower. You can remedy this problem by putting glass doors on your shower. While you’re not gaining any actual space in the bathroom, you don’t have to feel so closed off from the shower area by keeping a curtain closed. Instead, you have more space for lighting to fill the room and create a feeling of a larger room. If you're truly limited on space, have a sliding door installed rather than a swinging door.

Add another cabinet

Storage space in a small bathroom can sometimes be at a premium. Even if you have a storage cabinet under your sink, it might only be one or two cabinets with a couple of drawers. This won’t provide you with much space to account for extra toiletries and towels if you have them. You can easily have an extra cabinet installed in your bathroom to create extra storage space.

The most common place to install an additional cabinet is above the toilet. If you’re worried about having to watch your head, cabinets that are installed over a toilet aren’t often as deep as the cabinets under your sink. You can still have ample storage space with a cabinet that’s about 10 inches deep and doesn’t come out from the wall much farther than the toilet tank.

Redo the floor and counter

While it might be the most invasive way to update your bathroom, the floors and counters can give the room an entirely different feel. Replace the linoleum floor covering with tile to create a sleek and modern look. In addition to creating a fresh feeling on our feet, new flooring done correctly will compliment the walls and towels. You can do a lot to tie together every aspect of the bathroom by choosing tile colors that go together to create the look that you’re going for.

You can also take out your old and outdated countertops and replace them with a fresh granite or quartz counter. A new countertop can accent the color of your cabinets, match the new flooring, and bring out the color of the shower itself.

Bonus: new lighting

If your bathroom feels dull and dingy, it might have something to do with the light fixtures. It’s not uncommon to have soft and mellow lighting in older bathrooms. However, bright lighting is a great way to make a room feel bigger as there aren’t shadows cast across the floor or in the corners. You can light the entire bathroom with the help of new light fixtures that create a brighter and lighter room while you’re getting ready for the day.

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3 bathroom remodel ideas for your condo