3 ways to liven up your home with custom woodwork

February 10, 2021

Custom woodwork can help breathe new life into your home. From new cabinets to beautifully designed finishes throughout your house, you have endless options to make your space feel more high-end and personalized.

At VIR Construction in New York City, our skilled craftsmen frequently help clients customize their home interiors. We’re sharing our 3 favorite ways to liven up your home with custom woodwork:

1. Custom cabinets and built-ins

The kitchen is one of the top rooms that homeowners choose to renovate, and for good reason: it’s one of the rooms that you spend the most amount of time in. As a result, your kitchen should reflect your own personal tastes and aesthetic preferences. This isn’t always possible when you choose stock cabinets.

With custom woodwork, you can design cabinets that are not only customized to your tastes, but also to your lifestyle. For instance, you may want to consider cabinetry with built-in workstation nooks, unique storage solutions, and wine displays. You can even build a custom bench or window seat that is seamlessly incorporated with your cabinetry.

Custom cabinets can also solve design problems. This is especially true for small or awkwardly shaped rooms that just can’t accommodate stock cabinets. Custom woodwork allows you to maximize your space as much as possible, and give you more storage area than you realized was possible.

2. Elegant finishes throughout the home

If your house is fairly spacious, adding custom columns throughout the interior can add an elegant, high-end touch. This is an often overlooked option that really elevates the visual appeal of a home. For instance, installing a half wall (or “pony wall”) with columns in your master bedroom or foyer can add a dramatic look.

Custom moulding is another great option for livening up your home’s interior. No matter what type of moulding profile you prefer, the craftsmen of VIR Construction can design and build something that will perfectly complement your home. Our skilled professionals can also add any other type of custom woodwork finish in your home, such as unique mantels, a wooden bar top in your kitchen, and more.

3. A statement dining table

Your dining table is one of the most focal points of your home: it’s where your family gathers for meals, where you hold celebrations, and where you enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. That’s why there’s no better room to place a custom woodwork statement piece.

Custom furniture is the perfect way to infuse your personal taste into your living space. An added benefit of choosing custom furniture is that it’s much higher quality than the pieces you’ll find in stores. A well-crafted dining table can be passed down for generations, making it an excellent investment that your family will enjoy for years.

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3 ways to liven up your home with custom woodwork