4 Ideas To Brighten Your Home With Custom Woodwork

September 19, 2021

Custom woodwork is an elegant way to make any interior more attractive. With so many possibilities on hand, a few simple interior tune-ups can turn your home into the aesthetic masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of. Below we discuss 4 great ways to brighten your home’s interior with custom woodwork. 

Built-in bookshelves. 

Warming up your home with bookshelves adds intrigue, depth, and character to any room. Built-in bookshelves provide your home with the infrastructure to dramatically display any worldly treasures, rare items, or your favorite novels without sacrificing form for function. 

Consulting a designer is the best way to figure out what type of shelving you need to make your vision come true. Besides holding books, custom shelves can function as a home for framed photos, artwork, or your collection of vinyl records. Other creative possibilities might include a new spot for your entertainment system, television, or the perfect showcase for other rare ornamental items.  

New cabinetry. 

The majority of households spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen compared to other rooms. Whether you’re cooking, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, or working from home, the kitchen has become a multi-purpose area in the modern era. Why not spice things up and explore the wide world of custom cabinetry to give your kitchen some extra aesthetic flair? 

There are a wide variety of cabinets you can choose from. Depending on the style of your home and decor, you can find the perfect design to furnish and finish your kitchen with. We recommend consulting your contractor to discover a larger catalogue of creative possibilities. 


These commonly overlooked areas of your home have the potential to add plenty of aesthetic value and perhaps a sneaky focal point to your home’s interior. A well designed closet space will also help you maximize on organization, store more items, and cut back on wasted space. Closet renovations also offer a great opportunity to install new doors that will contribute to the aesthetic atmosphere of your home and add more depth in unexpected areas. Consider some different styles like bypass, bifold, sliding barn, pocket, pivot, or french doors.  And when it comes to choosing the right style of doors, a general contractor like VIR Construction can always steer you in the right direction. 

Stained wood. 

Custom woodwork is beautiful and should be highlighted in the best way possible. Nothing calls attention to the quality and aesthetics of wood better than a stained finish. While paint helps walls blend gracefully into your interior, choosing a stained finish will add different levels of complexity, intrigue, and depth to your home. We encourage you to explore the many different ways you can use a stain to highlight the features of the wood you’re using, while staying true to your interior design aspirations. 

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