5 Important Things To Do Before Starting A Home Renovation

September 16, 2020

Renovations offer new opportunities to revamp your home with custom woodwork, new countertops, new cabinets, and generally provide a refreshed feeling throughout your home. It is especially important to put emphasis on refreshing your home to keep your property value up and even to create a happier interior environment for you and your family. Below we discuss the top things you should know when you’re considering going through with a home renovation.

Understand what your budget is.

Renovations can be expensive and it is important to have a concrete understanding of how much you can spend on construction and materials. It helps to prioritize areas of your home that blatantly need some refreshing and refinishing. Sometimes, renovating your home is not merely intended for an aesthetic facelift, but for maintenance reasons and fixing any issues in your home’s infrastructure. It is not economical for you to spend money on renovating areas of your home that are not totally necessary. Definitely try to avoid spending large amounts of your fixed budget on updates and home improvements that will not make a big impact.

homeowners insurance

The initial amount of homeowners insurance you buy depends on factors like your home's size, condition, and the cost to rebuild if disaster were to strike.

However, when considering a renovation those variables will change, and it’s extremely important to ensure your homeowners insurance covers renovations, and that you make necessary changes to your policy.

While most standard homeowners insurance policies do cover renovations, it's still a good idea to check with your agent before the project gets underway, to make sure you will be adequately covered during, and after the renovation.

A renovation that increases the home's rebuilding costs could leave you underinsured.

Does your homeowners insurance policy cover the renovations you are looking to make? Are you getting the best rates for your coverage? This article on Money.com can help you find the best insurance company and coverage for your needs.


Create a renovation roadmap.

As mentioned above, it is important to know what specific areas of your home are an absolute priority ahead of time. In order to get the most out of a home renovation, it is important to create a roadmap that outlines the most crucial areas of your home. These include heavily used areas like the kitchen and bathroom that would benefit from being updated. It helps to determine which areas are a priority and will need significant attention first. From there, figure out how much you would like to improve the rest of your space.

Get some inspiration.

When you decide to do a renovation, you have a great opportunity to change up the style and decorating of your home. Try to think of some cool ways you can refresh your interior with a new look that will bring your home into the modern era and give it some newfound youth. You can consult a wide array of interior design and architectural magazines to get the ideas flowing. It is always helpful to go into a renovation knowing what style you want, and to have an outcome in mind for what you're ultimately looking to achieve.

Develop an idea of what furnishings you want.

Your renovation is only as good as the objects you furnish it with. Keeping your interior design vision in mind, look for furniture that meshes well with your new woodwork and designs. It is always important to remember that your choice of furniture has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic your interior design is striving to convey. In some circumstances, it never hurts to hire a professional interior designer for guidance so you can end up with the best result possible.

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