4 Stunning Custom Woodwork Ideas

September 20, 2020

Custom woodwork adds a unique and elegant element to your home. If you’re looking to do a renovation, remodeling, or add onto your home, it is important that you take advantage of the blank canvas you have to work with and make the most out of this unique opportunity. When it's time to start thinking about custom woodwork, here are some ideas we've compiled to add a stunning flair to your home. Check out some of the exciting possibilites below!

Beautiful bookshelves.

Let’s face it, every home could use built-in shelving for various purposes. Books warm up your home and can complement your interior design. Having stunning, built-in bookshelves in your living room or home study will definitely add the missing element that your home has always needed. Depending on your budget, there is a wide range of different designs you can consider to match the decor of your home. When you hire a carpenter for custom woodwork, there are endless possibilities for a variety of styles and designs available to you. It always helps to have an idea of what you'd like to display on your shelves, whether it be books, photographs, or other items you've collected over the years, so you can highlight your treasures in all of their glory.

New kitchen cabinets.

Your cabinets truly define the aesthetic of your kitchen. When your surroundings look like they need a bit of a refresher, new cabinets are an absolute must. Bring a unique flair to your home and commission an expert like VIR Construction to create some stunning new kitchen cabinets that you can enjoy for decades to come. Homeowners can choose from a variety of different species of wood that will create a distinct decor for your kitchen.


If you’re looking to add extra detail to a room, wainscoting is a fantastic option. Simply put, wainscoting is the application of wooden panels to the walls in order to add an elegant decor and finish off a room handsomely. There are a variety of different types of styles you can choose from that will give your home a far more distinguished interior profile. Wainscoting can come in a variety of different materials that give homeowners more freedom to be unique and create their own personal design.

New furniture.

Your interior design is only as good as the objects you furnish it with. Instead of buying conventional furniture, add some extra character to your home and commission custom furniture. There are plenty of advantages to purchasing custom furniture, but the most prominent is the quality of the construction. Custom furniture is typically made better than most pieces that mass furniture vendors sell and will have the potential to last for generations.

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