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6 Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Try
October 9, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by VIR Construction

Whether in fashion or interior design, trends come and go. But if you are looking to invest in a bathroom remodel project this year, or in the next few months, there are classic bathroom designs that never go out of style.

Check out the following timeless bathroom remodeling trends we’ve put together for you:

1. Going marble

Marble is certainly one of the most durable materials for bathrooms as it lasts virtually forever. It’s no wonder, then, that it has remained a timeless design classic, year-in, and year-out.

Currently, what’s in, in terms of marble, is the floor-to-ceiling application of impressive single-piece marble slabs. It’s not really a cost-effective option, but marble’s aesthetic and hardwearing quality will more than make up for your investment. However, steer clear of multi-hued applications and stick with the monochromatic look.

2. Updating with tiles

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a tired-looking bathroom is by changing up the tilework. And in terms of tiles, the current trend is the use of oddly-shaped tiles, which help create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

You can use geometric shapes such as hexagons or diamonds for a more homogenous vibe. You can also choose to use chevron-patterned tiles that are all the rage. Whichever style you choose, keep in mind that simply focusing your attention on tile changes is a fail-proof way to add interest in a dated bathroom.

3. Sticking to a single material

What used to be a 1980s staple has made a comeback this year, and for good reason – it never gets old. And we’re referring to utilizing only one type of material for the entire bathroom. This means using the same material for the walls, ceiling, and floor. This can be tile, concrete, plaster, or any other material that’s appropriate for bathroom use. You can also go a little bolder by choosing to use material with unusual graphic patterns for a unique, standout bathroom.

4. Opting for wood

Wooden vanities have always been a favorite, especially in 2018. Wood, however, has a timeless quality all its own. It is warm, welcoming, charming, rustic, and is visually appealing, especially if you want a spa-like or organic feel for your personal sanctuary. Wood can be implemented in almost every part of the bathroom, including the walls and floor. It also pairs really well with other natural elements you may want to add, such as fresh plants, incense sticks, and stones.

5. Using statement mirrors

Mirrors are a staple in every bathroom. However, using statement mirrors is a great bathroom trend that can easily be integrated into a finished bathroom remodel. The strategic placement of a unique, rounded, or interestingly-shaped mirror can break up the monotony of lines, and corners in any bathroom. It can serve as the wall focal point of the bathroom and can freshen up the appearance of an old bathroom, too.

6. Lighting up with LED

Another one of the most convenient and easy-to-implement ways to change the look of the bathroom is through the installation of LED lights. Aside from being eco-friendly and cost-efficient in the long term, LED lights come in various designs. They can also add a calming glow to your bathroom setup. They come in different colors, with some carrying sensor technology, and some having a dimmable feature.

There are other timeless bathroom trends you may want to try, but implementing any combination of the above trends would already be a great start.

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