5 Ways Boutique Remodelers Differ From General Contractors

January 20, 2022

When you have an exceptional property, it’s nerve-wracking to consider remodeling. But no matter how luxurious or unique, if it’s out of style or doesn’t match your aesthetic, renovation is the only way to make it feel truly your own. Remodeling a high-end property involves more than simply replacing the flooring and finishes or changing the wall color. It takes vision, creativity, and years of design experience to bring out the potential of a unique property. Boutique remodelers bring expertise to luxury residential and commercial buildings. They have skills that a general contractor simply may not. Here are five things that set boutique remodelers apart from general contractors in New York.

Attention to detail

General contractors often work on several projects simultaneously, sometimes dividing their team or sending subcontractors to work on your property while their attention is elsewhere. What makes a high-end property stand out from an average one is in the detailing. From baseboards to molding, the tiny details that boutique remodelers focus on add up to creating beautiful, eye-catching spaces.

VIR Construction practices precision in everything we do, from estimates and timelines to the finishes and features of our work.

Specialized experience

General contractors accumulate years of experience in remodeling homes and commercial spaces quickly, affordably, and to local code requirements. It’s a different skill set than the experience acquired by boutique remodelers and high-end construction firms.

The focus of VIR Construction has always been to create stand-out spaces, whether for our client’s homes, restaurants, retail establishments, or other commercial endeavors. We bring specialized experience to every job in finding and highlighting the unique features of our clients’ properties.

Creative design

There’s no metric to measure the creativity of a general contractor. For many New York homes and commercial spaces, owners hire an architect alongside the contractor to get creative designs. This strategy creates additional stress for the client, often requiring their ongoing input as designs must adapt to the constraints of the build.

Boutique remodelers provide all-in-one design, renovation, and construction services. Instead of acting as a go-between for an architect and builder, clients only have to deal with a single project manager throughout their build.

Luxury materials and vendors

Availability of materials through established vendors limits what general contractors can offer their clients. Whatever your vision for your finished remodeled project, you’re limited by the materials and supplies your contractor has access to through their vendors. While a general contractor might be able to find the stone, wood, wallpaper, or flooring you want, it’ll likely come at a premium.

VIR Construction has long-standing relationships with luxury and high-end vendors. We’re able to provide our clients with materials and finishes that will elevate their property to the extraordinary.

Exceptional customer service

Boutique remodeling companies focus first and foremost on delivering exemplary customer service that goes above and beyond in all aspects of service. Even reliable general contractors may be hard to reach when you have a question or something goes wrong if they’re juggling multiple clients at once.

When clients work with VIR Construction, they experience first-class service from the initial consultation to the finished product. Our goal is to develop long-standing relationships with all our clients, built on a foundation of exceptional service.

VIR Construction is a boutique remodeling company providing New York with high-end design and construction services.

At VIR Construction, we specialize in working with high-end properties, transforming them to highlight their exceptional features. Our portfolio includes residential and commercial renovations and build-outs using our bespoke services, including design, building, construction management, and project consultation. VIR now has an in-house mill work shop, enabling us to offer custom woodworking for cabinetry and finishes. Our mission is to create singular properties through a stress-free process for our clients.

General contractors provide standard remodeling services. If you have a property that stands out, you need to work with designers and builders with high-end experience. Schedule a consultation with our boutique remodelers in New York.

Luxury New York properties need boutique remodelers to work on them.