Can I get more space with a custom closet design in my New York apartment?

May 12, 2021

It can get tricky when trying to create more space in your apartment. It’s likely that the overall footprint of your space can’t be expanded outward, so you have to rearrange within the area where you live. If you’re looking for a new closet design in New York, it’s going to take an expert to find a way to do this for you. At VIR Construction, we’re home improvement experts and we’ve put together six ways that you can get more closet space in your apartment.

Expand your closet

If you own the apartment that you live in, you do have the option to renovate your closet space. However, it gets difficult to expand a closet into a space that’s already small. There’s also a chance that you’re limited in which direction you can expand if the back of your closet shares a wall with a neighbor or even the outer wall of the building. If you do have the space to expand your closet, you can increase the width by extending outward either in your room or toward a hallway. Yes, this reduces the square footage of your room, but it allows for more space to hang clothing.

Add shelves

Get creative with ways to utilize space in your closet. Not all of your clothes need to be hung and you can create more space for shoes and accessories. Shelving can either bookend your closet with square cubbies or extend the length of your closet.

Longer shelves make for better storage. This gives you a place to put things like luggage and bags.

Install an extra rod

Other than dresses, most of your clothes aren’t going to stretch from the top of your closet to the floor. There’s plenty of empty space not being used that can be repurposed to hang more clothes. Install an extra rod about four or five inches below the bottom of your hanging clothes and this will double the amount of space you have in your closet.

Make use of the door

If you have a standard swinging door on your closet that isn’t being used, you’re making open space go to waste. You can hang hooks on the back of a door for bags, coats, or even racks of shoes. Keep in mind that there is typically enough clearance between the door and your clothes to accommodate the door frame, which should be large enough to fit most things you want to hang there.

Install shoe shelves

The floor of your closet is typically reserved for shoes. Although, if you have too many shoes to fit in your closet, you can install shoe shelves to create more space. Shoe shelves create a two-level effect where you have a row of shoes on the floor, then a shelf above those that can hold the same amount of shoes above them.

Add drawers

It’s common to not want a mess of clothes folded on shelves in your closet. Instead, add drawers. It’s typical to have drawers stacked vertically against the side of your closet to hold pants, socks, underwear, and anything else you don’t want out in the open of your closet.

Contact us to get started

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Can I get more space with a custom closet design in my New York apartment?