5 Considerations With Custom Woodwork Jobs

April 21, 2020

Custom woodwork gives you the opportunity to create a stunning interior. For creative minds and lovers of original design, custom woodwork can take your home to the next level. There are plenty of cookie-cutter woodwork options that are overly popularized and commonly found in homes throughout the United States. For the cosmopolitan New Yorker, these simply won’t do. New York City apartments may be small, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for big ideas. Below we discuss some things to consider when you’re looking to hire a custom woodwork job. 

Play to the era. 

New York City is filled with buildings that boast of different eras and movements in architecture and design. Whether you’re in a pre-war or contemporary apartment, understanding what style you should follow is important. The woodwork in each apartment contributes to the overall aesthetic of the interior. We encourage you to consult the opinion of your carpenter when determining what style to pursue. 

Set the right tone. 

The way you stain the woodwork contributes to the consistency of the surrounding design. For example, if you are looking to set a relaxing tone, use a darker stain on the wood to create a mellow effect. For a vibrant and jubilant effect, use a lighter stain that will brighten up the mood. Ultimately, stain complements the colors you use within your interior. 

Calculate cost. 

Custom woodwork is expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options. Seeing you’ll be paying for all of the materials needed, try to look at cost-effective options that will provide the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Consult your carpenter’s expertise as well about cost effective options that will also look nice. 

Be patient. 

The woodworker you hire looks at this as an art form. You wouldn’t rush Picasso to finish a painting, so don’t rush your carpenter. Fine woodworking takes precision and discipline to complete. Give your carpenters enough time so they don’t feel rushed. Great artists cannot work under the constant pressure of someone standing over them and expecting a completed project overnight. 

Open your mind to suggestions. 

Your woodworker will most likely have some ideas to put forth. Even though you may have a particular idea in mind, try to hear them out. You may end up with a result even better than you had originally anticipated. 

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Custom woodwork takes skill and expertise.