Enhance Project Efficiency When You Hire Design Management Specialists

February 12, 2020

A construction project of any size will have a surprising number of moving parts. Even when building a two-bedroom bungalow, you will need plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and a number of other specialties to get the job done. 

In our experience, a commercial structure of any size will have much more design complexity.

One of the biggest challenges comes in trying to integrate design and construction elements into a seamless, cohesive whole.

While many still adhere to traditional models of building and design, we urge potential clients to consider the design management model.

Why Traditional Construction and Design Oversight Creates Challenges

Traditionally, developers have relied on what the industry calls design-bid-build. In this scenario, companies engage design firms separately from construction. They provide the plans, then the work gets bid out to contractors. 

Design-bid-build does confer some advantages, mainly in the realm of bringing a healthy diversity of viewpoints about a project. Differences of ideas can potentially provide a quality product.

That said, this method often adds significantly more time to the process. Added time almost always also means added money.

What Is Design Management?

Design management brings both of the major aspects of erecting a structure under one roof. The same company creates the design and also oversees the construction. 

This model of construction has emerged as a growing industry standard since at least the 1980s. As construction projects, especially those for public works, grew more complex, traditional models of building took more time. Complexities included not only advanced technology but also increasing regulation at all levels.

A plethora of added details created more issues for separate teams to have to hash out, creating delays and sometimes even conflict. These issues started leading to costly delays with increasing numbers of projects.

There had to be a better way. Design management provided the solution.

What Advantages Does It Confer?

Design management provides efficiency and continuity to the process. In most cases, it will reduce the time taken between groundbreaking and completion. Many times, it could even save money.

When design and construction “play” on the same team, they can easily get on the same page concerning building details, regulatory compliance, and more. Communication between design and construction is seamless. 

Concerns about the lack of dialogue in the system are usually unfounded. The same interplay over issues can take place between the design firm and sub contractors. Outstanding design firms welcome input from sub contractors and healthy dialogue between members of their team.

Keeping design and construction management on the same team means less “cat herding,” or trying to keep different involved companies on the same page.

What Is the VIR Difference?

We have provided design and construction management services to the New York City area for over a quarter of a century. Over that period, our hard work has earned us a reputation for quality, efficiency, and project transparency. Clients return again and again out of a sense of satisfaction and also trust in our work as well as our process.

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