Update your apartment for the holidays with these interior design trends

December 3, 2020

This holiday season and the upcoming new year, a lot of spaces will embrace updated interior designs that incorporate cozy, non-cluttered decor. New traditional designs mix vintage with a modern use of bold wallpapers and beautiful, cozy accents filled with personality.

This holiday season, let your apartment become a cozy, non-cluttered oasis from the animation of the city. Make simple interior decoration updates to freshen up your space, or hire a contractor for a completely new design. Our boutique construction company in New York City covers various services, including design, construction manager, and project consultation. This holiday season, follow these interior design trends to prepare your space for the upcoming new year.

The organic modern style keeps holidays cozy

While the organic modern design has been quite popular in 2020 trends, the mix of modern surfaces with neutral, organic colors and tones will help you keep your home cozy and on-trend for the holiday season and coming new year. It starts with modern architecture and then layers in organic materials for sleek comfort mixed with some modern rustic textures and accessories.

For organic holiday decor this year, stick with soft, minimal, and clean looks complimented by light woods, white materials, and green garlands and wreaths on mantels and doorways. Vibrant, non-faux greenery will give your modern space a pop of freshness.

Organic modern interior decorating in your apartment may also include all-white modern Christmas tree decorations with wooden bead garland strands and white, chunky Christmas stockings. Sprinkle candlesticks, birchwood, and pinecones into your holiday decor for extra freshness.

Bold monochromatic

Some designers suggest next you will be significant for monochromatic rooms. Prepare your apartment for the new year by constructing your monochromatic room that is bold and eye-catching. Start by using the color of your choosing. Try to avoid making your look too cluttered or busy with the addition of too many colors. Use one or two contrasting colors to make the room more interesting visually.

If you aren’t on board with the intensity of bold monochromatic, go for a subtle look with neutral colors in the white or gray color families. To keep the color from falling flat, represent your color in multiple textures throughout your space. You may go richer in color for variation.

Approach your holiday monochromatic decorating simplistically. Decorate a realistic tree with flocked detail and white accents. Choose holiday decorations that match your bold color represented throughout your monochromatic room, or choose a clever accent color.

For non-monochromatic interior spaces with neutral designs, your holiday decorations may still follow a monochromatic style without making significant changes. Layer in a bold color throughout most aspects of your interior holiday decor. For rich texture, use real greenery or flowers that thoughtfully match or accent your chosen monochromatic color.

A touch of nostalgia

Nostalgia, or vintage interior design, is trending among millennials who appreciate a more eclectic style or individuals who have an appreciation for the past. Anyone can incorporate nostalgia in their space with well throughout-out vintage details. Specifically, post-World War II nostalgia mixes elements of iconic pieces to evoke pleasant and familiar memories or associations of memories throughout a space. One can incorporate a balance of vintage elegance with modern design with the use of key pieces, especially recreated through holiday decor.

Whether you use newly created nostalgic-inspired pieces or actual vintage artifacts, your decor should be well-built and not too weathered. You may judge the quality of your pieces on weight, sturdiness, and light exposure. Heavy vintage pieces easily surpass modern, mass-produced variations. While you want your decor to look vintage for this design, your pieces should be in good shape for a high-end appeal. For nostalgic holiday decor, use retro pieces and a color pattern that includes rich, saturated reds.

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Photo showing red monochromatic holiday interior design.