Things to Consider When Designing Custom Cabinetry for Your NYC Home

March 24, 2020

Custom cabinetry is one of the best decisions you can make when designing or re-designing your next space.

It allows you to dictate the size and storage space of the cabinetry, to have the millwork seamlessly matched, to customize all of the hardware, and overall, get the exact look in your room you pictured.

But as you begin your custom cabinetry project in NYC with your contractor or designer, there are a few things to consider:

Your Needs

First and foremost, before discussing all of the exciting details of your new cabinetry, it is important to draft a clear list of your needs.

Will your cabinets be in the kitchen? In the bathroom? Or maybe in your new master closet?

Aside from location, other things to consider are:

  • What will you be storing in the drawers? How deep do you want them?
  • How tall do you need the cabinets to be?
  • Will there be a sink somewhere in the cabinetry?
  • What activity goes on in this room? Could they get dirty easily?
  • Will a portion of the cabinetry need to be customized for a seating area, such as a makeup area or a bar?


The countertops that will rest atop your cabinets are one of the most important design aspects of the space to take into consideration. Ideally, you should decide on a countertop first, and then your custom cabinetry.

While having your cabinets match the paint color, décor, and maybe even appliances are essential, the cabinets and counters are like two peas in a pod.

For example, if you are going with a very dark countertop, you should probably consider lighter cabinets, and vice versa.

Finish and Glazing

When designing custom cabinetry, finishing, and glazing is likely one of the first things that come to mind - this is the color of your cabinetry. The finish and glazing process is the key to getting your cabinets to look exactly as you pictured.

While it might save a little money to buy unfinished cabinets and finish them on your own, you will get far better results by just having them finished the way you imagined.

Door Style

There are several different door styles available – panel, flat, raised, slab, even glass. Flat doors, for example, typically look very sleek and modern. Each door is equally beautiful, but price and style of each will vary.

Are you noticing a trend? Every single aspect of your cabinetry contributes to the style you are going for, which is what makes designing custom cabinetry so important.

Framed or Frameless

Framed or frameless is referring to the framing seen on the outside of the cabinet structure. A framed cabinet is generally more classic and traditional, while a frameless cabinet is designed to be more modern and up to date.


What would any project be without the finishing touches?

From the shape of the hardware to the color to the type of metal used, there are decisions here to be made.

This will complete the look of your cabinetry and can really help enhance the classic, modern, or rustic, or whatever style you’re going for.

We Know Custom Cabinetry!

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We are a family-owned and operated business, and we’re ready to help you create a space your family will love with cabinets you have only dreamed of!

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