How to Know When it’s Time to Get New Custom Cabinetry in NYC

March 16, 2021

Given the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, it won’t take you long to notice that your cabinets are in need of a redo. Maybe you can’t open and close them as easily as you’d grown used to, or perhaps the signs of age have simply become too apparent.

Redoing your cabinets also means having the chance to get custom cabinetry in your NYC home, personalized to give you a kitchen that feels uniquely yours.

If you’ve been wondering what signs show you that it’s time to redo and customize your cabinets, be sure to look out for these three.

1. You’ve experienced a leak in the kitchen

While different appliances in your kitchen are at risk of water damage, cabinets are severely affected.

If your cabinets have been exposed to water damage, you’ll notice functional signs such as the doors being much less smooth, as well as cosmetic signs like warped or darkened wood. And you may come across moldy spots.

Water damage to your cabinets doesn’t just make using your kitchen more difficult, but it also presents health and safety risks.

A leak in your kitchen is often a sure sign that you need to redo your cabinets. And it’s a great idea to take the opportunity to get custom cabinetry, ensuring that your kitchen isn’t just repaired but upgraded to specifically suit you.

2. The style is unfashionable

Another sign that it’s time to redo your cabinetry is when it simply looks outdated or out of fashion. That tends to be the case when you’ve moved into an older home, where much of the furniture is yet to be updated.

You may also have certain style preferences that would help you enjoy your kitchen more.

And, when cabinetry has been installed for a long time, it’s unavoidable that signs of age will start to show. Old cabinets appear increasingly worn over time, and they also lose functionality as parts such as handles and pulls start coming loose. You’ll also see materials becoming chipped, especially at the corners.

Finding the right style may be a challenge of its own, however. Your specific tastes may be a poor fit for the pre-made cabinets you find on offer.

With custom cabinetry, you have the freedom to modify the design to more closely align with how you want your kitchen to look and feel.

3. Your current cabinetry doesn’t function well

Even if you’re willing to look past the aesthetic elements of your cabinets, their functionality is crucial.

You might be getting increasingly annoyed at things such as shelves that are too high to reach, too little storage space, and inconveniently placed counters that you keep bumping into.

While simply getting new cabinets may be a solution, you may run into other issues since the cabinets are designed to fit the needs of a broad range of people.

Custom cabinetry, on the other hand, is designed and installed with your exact desires and common use cases in mind.

That means numerous accommodations can be made to your new cabinetry to ensure that it's easier and more convenient for you to use, even if the changes you need are highly specific.

Upgrade and personalize your kitchen custom cabinetry in NYC

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March 17, 2021